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An incredibly beautiful and inspiring woman whom I am blessed to call a friend asked me to do a special shoot recently.

She has reached a milestone.

A big one.

Five years.

Five years as a breast cancer survivor.

And she isn’t just surviving – she is thriving.

In her words, “3 weddings, a wonderful daughter in law, 2 more sons and 4 beautiful grandsons and another grandchild on the way!  What a blessing this life has been.  To those of you facing a your battles, know you are not alone.  To my sisters, keep the faith!  God is Great!”

Five years ago during Breast Cancer Awareness Month she got the amazing news that she was given a clean bill of health.

This October we celebrate her and her beautiful life.





Ahhhh, Spring.  You have come again.  Oh wait, nope not just yet.  Since Mother Nature isn’t so sure she is ready to let go of winter this year I decided to encourage her with a blog post of my baby girl from last spring.  I’m dreaming of taking more of these images right now… so let’s go Spring!!!  Come back… and STAY for awhile!


Family sessions are fun – sometimes a challenge – but always fun.  However, my true passion lies in other areas – specifically Maternity, Newborn and High School Seniors.  Because I would like to devote most of my time to becoming the best that I can be in those specialties I have decided to start limiting my family sessions to mini sessions.

Here is what I am thinking…

20 minutes.
one family.
gallery of approximately 20 images.
5 digital images delivered electronically.*
*option to buy all images.

I will be offering dates in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  I will also do several Holiday mini sessions at my Uncle’s Christmas Tree Farm (this will be really, really awesome!!!!)!!  The times will be first come, first served so you will want to contact me as soon as possible!

Here is a sample of a Fall Mini Session I did this year.


Now, let’s talk dates…

The Spring sessions will be MAY 24th and 25th.  I will have 4 sessions each evening at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30.

Contact me now to reserve your spot!!  Thanks!!!  danyelle@danyelleritchie.com




Today is yet another snow day at the Ritchie house.  Because of that this will be brief, ha!   Lots of friends on Facebook have asked how I captured my snowflake shots so I thought I would share with you all!  These were all shot with the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L.  Amazing lens – and I bought mine used so if you can’t afford the hefty price tag that is always an option!

One of my very favorites…


Here is the set up.  I am using three pieces of my munchkins’ crafting felt to “catch” the flakes.

I have them laying on our porch where the flakes aren’t falling heavily, but clearly lots are still circulating.

Occasionally I pick them up and shake them off so that I can get shots with only one or two flakes.

Camera settings varied a bit, but were around ISO 2500, f/4.0-6.3, SS no slower than 1/125 sec


Next is post processing which is very important for these particular shots.

Here you can see the transformation from start to finish.  The first is fine, but the flake needs to be showcased

and cropping combined with cloning out some of the other flakes does the trick.





Having this little buddy jumping around in the snow next to me definitely helped to get these shots;)


Hope this helps a bit!  Enjoy the snow!!  Now off to enjoy some time with my little snow creatures….