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2015.  Wow.  It’s a new year.  Time for New Year’s Resolutions!  I love the fact that it is a new year and we can start fresh.  I love the idea of coming up with lists to help better ourselves –  in one way or another.  I found myself thinking about what I want my resolutions to be this year – both with my business and with myself – and two things kept popping into my head…

Less is more.

Find the Silver Lining.

We are surrounded by stuff.  Stuff everywhere.  Toys, dishes, clothes, mail, decorations… it can be overwhelming.  My three munchkins have birthdays in December and January – right before and right after Christmas.  It can be OVERWHELMING.  What are we gonna do with all.this.stuff??  Less is more.

My kids are so busy.  Between school and music and hockey I feel a little lost.  When does work fit in?  When do I schedule shoots?  How do I get to all this editing?  What’s for dinner?!  Less is more.

Truly, less is more.  So I’ve been sorting through toys and clothes and kitchen stuff and in the garage it goes.  Luckily in this area we have Purple Heart Pickup and so all I have to do is make a space to store all of the extra stuff and wait for them to come take it all away.  The fact that I am helping to support veterans and their families is a pretty huge bonus also.  Win-win, for sure!

I’ve also been sorting through my thoughts about this little, yet overwhelming at times, business I call Danyelle Ritchie Photography.  And again all I can think is less is more.  Less sessions, but more quality sessions.  Less editing, but more time to focus on each image.  Less work, but more time with my kids and husband.  It all makes so much sense and is so simple.  I have said it before, but I really am going to be limiting the sessions I take on this year – I don’t have a choice – I will lose my mind if I continue as is.  I am working on a schedule that works for me and I am excited to fill that and then say “no”.  I am horrible at saying “no”, but my family is worth it.

Less focusing on other photographers and more focusing on me.  Less Facebook and more blogging.  Less comparing and more creating.  Less iPhone and more Mark iii (well, that one is unlikely, lol).  Less wasted time and more reading… learning… growing.

Now onto the Silver Lining stuff.

The baby (who is TWO) can be a little crazy.  He keeps us on our toes and gives me gray hairs daily and more dreaded wrinkles by the minute.  He is ridiculously cute and so so funny, but he is a handful (understatement, indeed).  My oldest turns EIGHT tomorrow (what?!?!) and received a cool little hockey game for his DS as a gift from mom and dad.  Well, the “baby” managed to get ahold of that game and who knows where it is now.  I searched high and low.  I moved furniture and swept everywhere, I moved cushions and vacuumed the couch and the chair and the ottoman, I checked drawers and baskets and the dishwasher (really) and it was nowhere to be found.  Eddie (the baby) then tells me he put it “down dere in da floor” aka… the vent.  Sigh.  Guess what?  The living room is clean.  Silver lining.  Oh and I wanted to get rid of a ton of stuff… less is more.

So, that brought me to writing this.  I realized that these two things could be my 2015 Resolutions.  I want to try to see the silver lining in everything this year and I want to live my life with the less is more attitude so that I can focus on what is truly important.  So what are your resolutions??

No post is complete without a pic, right?  So I compiled a few of Eddie to show you how he got his nickname: Eddiemonster.  This is real life.  It is messy.  It is crazy.  It is maddening at times.  It rocks.


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    Sarah Beaner - Happy New Year to you and your family. <3 I know 2015 is going to be great to you, and you are on the right track! Less is more, and your time is precious! You got this, Lady! <3ReplyCancel

I can’t believe the Christmas mini sessions are upon us already!!!

I wanted to make a spot where I can put all the information for you to check out before your session.

{The Location}

Sun Valley Christmas Trees

375 N Colebrook Rd Manheim, PA 17545


Please be prompt for your session.  It is important to stick to the schedule so that everyone can be accommodated throughout the next two weekends!


I accept cash or checks at this time.


I have created a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration… please take a look!

Danyelle’s Christmas Mini Pinterest Board

Also, if you would like please bring some Christmas pajamas!  Some of the sets would look adorable with your little ones all cozy in their pj’s!

Remember that these sessions are outdoors and that you will went to bring warm layers!  These are Christmas minis and coats/hats/scarves are welcome and can be really cute!  We can take them off for one or two shots, but make sure to keep your kiddos warm – cold kids often makes for cranky kids!

Here is a sampling of what I have captured using the sets so far with my own kids and family…


Please text/call me with any questions: 717-413-5983

Or email me at danyelleritchiephotography@aol.com


An incredibly beautiful and inspiring woman whom I am blessed to call a friend asked me to do a special shoot recently.

She has reached a milestone.

A big one.

Five years.

Five years as a breast cancer survivor.

And she isn’t just surviving – she is thriving.

In her words, “3 weddings, a wonderful daughter in law, 2 more sons and 4 beautiful grandsons and another grandchild on the way!  What a blessing this life has been.  To those of you facing a your battles, know you are not alone.  To my sisters, keep the faith!  God is Great!”

Five years ago during Breast Cancer Awareness Month she got the amazing news that she was given a clean bill of health.

This October we celebrate her and her beautiful life.





Ahhhh, Spring.  You have come again.  Oh wait, nope not just yet.  Since Mother Nature isn’t so sure she is ready to let go of winter this year I decided to encourage her with a blog post of my baby girl from last spring.  I’m dreaming of taking more of these images right now… so let’s go Spring!!!  Come back… and STAY for awhile!


Family sessions are fun – sometimes a challenge – but always fun.  However, my true passion lies in other areas – specifically Maternity, Newborn and High School Seniors.  Because I would like to devote most of my time to becoming the best that I can be in those specialties I have decided to start limiting my family sessions to mini sessions.

Here is what I am thinking…

20 minutes.
one family.
gallery of approximately 20 images.
5 digital images delivered electronically.*
*option to buy all images.

I will be offering dates in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  I will also do several Holiday mini sessions at my Uncle’s Christmas Tree Farm (this will be really, really awesome!!!!)!!  The times will be first come, first served so you will want to contact me as soon as possible!

Here is a sample of a Fall Mini Session I did this year.


Now, let’s talk dates…

The Spring sessions will be MAY 24th and 25th.  I will have 4 sessions each evening at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30.

Contact me now to reserve your spot!!  Thanks!!!  danyelle@danyelleritchie.com